What Makes Most ‘Affordable’ Pet Foods 'Affordable'?

What Makes Most ‘Affordable’ Pet Foods 'Affordable'? - Barekmor Pet Foods

A majority of commercial pet foods are not approved by veterinarians due to the inferior quality ingredients used in the production process which have poor nutritional value. Many pet food manufacturers claim that they produce the ‘perfect’ pet food; however, they do not have any research to back their claims or food production processes.
This might make you question: Can inexpensive or cheap pet food really be that bad for my pet?

Let’s explore in more detail.

What Do Most Pet Food Manufacturers Include In Their Food?

Most pet foods are labelled with: ‘Animal by-product meal’, ‘Meat by-product meal’ or ‘Animal fat’. These vague labels are the result of the ingredients and processes used to make the pet food. The way most dry pet food gets its crunch is through the use of cereals, soybeans, and grains. The food is then coated with animal fat to make it more palatable to pets. The animal ‘by-products’ can be anything ranging from animal carcasses to intestines from meat rendering farms. Moreover, gelling agents may also be used to make the pet food more appetizing.
Such processes are what make those commercial pet foods ironically affordable.

Grain-Free Pet Foods

Most pet owners may not know this but grains are bad for your pets. Grains such as cereals, barley, and soya are harmful and allergenic for your pet. On the other hand, hypoallergenic, grain-free pet food can be an excellent choice for pets with sensitive stomachs as they are highly digestible and also palatable.

The formula for the perfect pet food is simple; a diet that contains fresh and natural ingredients, at a ratio of 80% protein and 20% vegetables. This ratio provides a perfect balance for pet foods, especially for dogs (as dogs are carnivorous beings).

BAREKMOR Offers The Perfect Pet Food

Why would you feed your pet something that would make them sick? All pet owners want the best for their trusty sidekicks. This is why you should get them Barekmor pet foods, the best pet food that money can buy! We believe in treating our pets the way we ourselves deserve to be treated, thus, our pet food includes human-grade produce that is highly palatable, nutrient rich, and fresh to give your pet the best they deserve.

Our vet and nutritionist approved, naturally sourced pet food formula is grain-free (thus hypoallergenic) and contains no artificial preservatives. We produce high quality and hygienic food to help your pets’ enjoy happy, healthy, and a long life.